About Us

UltrasoundJOBS.com is the only Internet recruitment site focused solely on ultrasound professionals. It is a partner of the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography® (ARDMS®), the certifying agency for sonographers and vascular technologists, and is the only service of its kind endorsed by the organization. ARDMS® continually promotes the site through its newsletters, conferences and trade shows, website, and main office.

Why UltrasoundJOBS.com?

the challenge

It's no secret that ultrasound positions are among the hardest to fill. It can take months to fill a vacancy. Rarely are there unemployed sonographers sitting around waiting to hear about your job.

the conclusion

Your next employee is already working for someone else. You need to reach that person with a compelling reason to make a change.

the solution

UltrasoundJOBS.com gives you the opportunity to tell your story. Unlike traditional print advertising, there are no space limitations or word count limits. You decide how much detail to include about the position, the facility, and the community.

Using UltrasoundJOBS.com for job postings gives you:

  • Unlimited word count
  • Free company profile
  • Hyperlinks to your facility, community resources such as Chamber of Commerce and local newspapers etc.
  • Postings that are available to this highly specialized group of professionals 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Job postings that are removed after 60 days unless renewed, so job seekers can view the most current up-to-date listings.

Note from ARDMS®

ARDMS® joins with UltrasoundJOBS.com to offer sonographers and vascular technologists a service that will enhance their professional development. UltrasoundJOBS.com connects potential employers to job seeking sonographers and vascular technologists through the use of the cutting-edge Internet technology. In fact, job seekers or employers who call the ARDMS® main office are referred to UltrasoundJOBS.com for assistance.

ARDMS® is committed to this recruitment method and believes that it will enable employers to find qualified employees. The website is publicized through articles in our bimonthly newsletter, advertisements, mailings, and at conferences and trade shows that ARDMS® attends. Since its inception in 1975, over 90,000 individuals have been certified by ARDMS®.

Commitment to Employers

We understand that ultrasound job openings are some of the hardest positions to fill in the healthcare field, and that is why we are dedicated to providing our employers with the best forum to find the most qualified sonographers in the industry. We pride ourselves on personalized customer service, and are available by phone and e-mail to help with questions regarding how to use our site to find your perfect candidates.


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